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Objects of my Affection

A design workshop in collaboration with the Shenkar College.


The objects of my affection are not rare or valued. They are everyday objects: sometimes explicitly functional objects, sometimes exclusively poetic and emotional ones. They are “ordinary” objects, yet are deeply related to people's lives as they show a sense of satisfaction, fullness and completeness that an individual experiences.

The objects of my affection are neither one-of-a-kind nor special, not fine or exclusive objects at a universal level. They embody their own biography, as a sort of narration on the skin; so they became unique, identity-making and singular, in their ability to transfer their past, connect to the present and prepare for the future. Objects of my affection become a projection of the very individual’s identity. In this perspective, through narrative signs, objects communicate the personal and social processes that they had lived: ideas, prejudices, inclinations, and tastes.
Therefore, the
objects of affection are transitional objects; they are able to preserve the very memory of the object, to relate and connect tacit and intangible meanings to people, and to generate new expressive abilities. 

FiP Research Collective in collaboration with the Masters of Design at Shenkar College (Tel Aviv, Israel).
Shenkar College Faculty Maya Arazi & Ayelet Karmon Projects & Designers "LFF Lost Forgotten Found" by Kim Monyoz, Elad Harison, Matti Moncham; "Time Capsule" by Ariella Reisman, Ori Topaz; "Comfortable Anonymity" by Sapir Hyams Galpaz, Shay Kirshenzvaig, Eviatar Toker; "Softness" by Orit Ivshin, Nirit Alshech, Yaron Masot; "Transformation" by Yafit Simcha, Bijo Dahary, Jason Kipp; "Talisman Tag" by Hagar Wertheim, Elinor Cohen, Ella Friedman; "The textile storybook" by Adi Asher, Anat Levine, Noy Alon; "Affection" by Mora Dimerman, Sigal Lifshitz, Ilana Leizin, Galit Barak, Daniella Sarya, Orel Shaked.
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#Heritage #Narratives #Material Culture
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