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Fashion in Process is a multidisciplinary research collective at the Department
of Design – Politecnico di Milano. FiP focuses on innovation for culture intensive industries, bridging technologies and humanities through a design driven approach. FiP develops research, applied projects and knowledge transfer activities aiming at supporting and promoting the sustainable development of fashion and cultural and creative industries.



In a society where changes highlight the increasing need for authenticity, sustainability and smart lifestyles, the relationship between producers and users is shifting from a passive "consumerism" to an active "cultural exchange” and the legacy of Italian design culture and its unique reservoirs represent an exceptional asset for interpreting contemporary changes.

On the other hand, digital transformation is hybridizing products, processes, and business models, redefining their nature in new smart dimensions. Design, nurtured by smart technologies, can become an empowered creative engine, driving innovation processes collectively negotiated among final customers and other stakeholders.


Fashion in Process develops research, applied projects and knowledge transfer activities, supporting and promoting positive and sustainable evolution of fashion and creative industries. It aims to enhance their potential through design research, transforming cultural reservoirs and knowledge assets into real innovation capital. FiP approach is based on design thinking tools and methodologies, bridging technologies and humanities for envisioning and experimenting promising innovation trajectories, within four researchscapes: