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Visual Retailing. Shaping the sense of spaces

Visual Retailing. Shaping the sense of spaces

by ValeriaM. Iannilli

Esculapio, 2016

ISBN 978-88-7488-954-9

The retail space is now recognized as the place where the enterprise enacts an important step in the process of value creation, not only from the economic point of view, but also regarding the relational processes it establishes with its users. The supply system of the enterprise is increasingly linked to the consistency of information, symbolic and sense assets. The organization of space, material and immaterial, leads to the creation of specific atmospheres in which displaying all the products means highlighting their main symbolic value. Through a skillful knowledge of the structures of perception, interpretation and motivation which underlie the mode of experiencing space - coupled with the ability of design to define its shape and significance - the visual merchandising project is able to lead the public through the brand’s new narrative experiences.