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Smart Living Between Cultures and Practices


Smart Living Between Cultures and Practices

Una prospettiva Design Oriented

by ValeriaM. Iannilli, Alessandra Spagnoli

Mandragora, Firenze 2019

ISBN 978-88-7461-496-7


This book is a collection of reflections, stimuli and selected  design concepts developed in the context of the “BeMyPlace. Interactive environments and responsive design objects ” research. The authors of the different essays took active part in the interdisciplinary research group.
A heterogeneous group of researchers (belonging to the fields of Fashion Design, Interior Design, Product Design and Electronic Engineering of the Politecnico di Milano) was guided towards the definition of a new system of Smart objects through a workshop project in collaboration with an equally heterogeneous group of Italian and foreign design and electronic engineering students.

This task was carried out through a collaboration with two companies: Samsara srl ​​(DreamLux®️ fabrics), leader of the project and RCR srl (home automation systems). These two companies are part of the Construction, Wood Furniture, Household Appliances and High-tech supply chain.

The starting point was the participation in the Smart Living Call bid, sponsored by the Lombardia Region. This bid was aimed at implementing the Regional Law 26/2015 (“Widespread, creative and technological 4.0 manufacturing”), an initiative born with the aim of responding to the evolutionary dynamics of the production sectors, with the aim to support the qualification of the economic system through the consolidation and enhancement of “excellent supply chains” as to boost potential new development drivers.