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Percorsi di ricerca per il design del prodotto moda

by Chiara Colombi, Paola Bertola

Maggioli Editore, Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN) (Italy), 2010

ISBN 9788838744440


Fashion is often seen as the place of expression of the designer's free creativity, outside of constraints and rules. In the reality of the profession, however, specific research and design practices have been developed over time, which constitute an indispensable instrumental apparatus for the designer. The text proposes a synthesis of the main organizational models that characterize the process of research and development of fashion products, through the identification of the key phases and steps within different business contexts, from prêt-à-porter to ready-to-wear fashion. Starting from these process models, it is proposed a review of the design tools used - analysis and planning of the variety, methods of research and development of new product concepts, tools for analysis and definition of color and textile material, textile development techniques, techniques of representation and visualization - and of the main outputs that characterize each phase of the process - architecture of the collection, trend book and moodboard, color chart, material chart, technical drawings, etc.