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Fashioning Social & Cultural Innovation


& Cultural

Design empowering communities to foster sustainability in culture intensive industries

by Federica Vacca

Mandragora, Firenze, 2021

ISBN 978 - 88 -7461-569 - 8


In this post pandemic context, in which lifestyles are characterized by remote working and a widespread downshifting attitude, it is therefore necessary to redesign value systems towards a more agile and transparent model that can provide a positive and lasting demonstration of the commitment and values of a fashion company through the transposition of its intangible values. The book "FASHIONING SOCIAL & CULTURAL INNOVATION. Design empowering communities to foster sustainability in culture-intensive industries" aims to present the ways in which design research in the fashion design for sustainability field is pursuing different approaches towards and visions of a sustainability paradigm in order to foster the integrity and stability of the natural system through a constant commitment in support of culture, people and local communities. The book will be a collection of essays by academic experts in the field and will be organized into three thematic sections that aim to investigate how the sustainability perspective is being broadened by embracing not only the environmental and economic dimensions but also leveraging the social and cultural dimensions.