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Fashion Retail

Fashion Retail

Visualizzazione e rappresentazione del sistema prodotto moda

by ValeriaM. Iannilli

Franco Angeli, Milano, 2010

ISBN 9788856800746


In the constant interest towards the practices of consumption and the relative spaces of sale, an ever increasing involvement of design is recognized as an instrument of knowledge necessary for the projectual definition of the system of relationships within the product-system. In particular, we will tend to highlight how the new places of consumption, in their different forms and extensions, take on the role of necessary space for the visualization and representation of corporate values. This is even more true for those products of the fashion system, in which a certain supremacy linked to design is expressed and which have established themselves, not so much for radical innovation, but rather, for the innovation of those functional, aesthetic and relational qualities. In this context, design encounters (and sees recognized) new territories for comparison, research and design practice.
The interest for the new productive expressions, that allow to pass from the rigid and determined space-time order to the systemic, reversible and indeterminate one, assumes the interdisciplinary knowledge as operative parameter able to build scenarios within which a multiplicity of paths are recognized as valid. Scenarios of design as places, networks in which the ethical, cognitive and experiential dimensions interrelate and in which the Retail space is recognized as a place built in a symbolic and relational way, through the tools of the different expert knowledge at its base, within which design represents itself more and more as the space of mediation and coordination of the knowledge involved.