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Design sul Filo della Tradizione

Design sul Filo
della Tradizione

by Federica Vacca

Pitagora editrice, Bologna, 2013

ISBN 88-371-1879-1


Due to the phenomena of market globalization and productive delocalization, Italy is facing a moment of strong homogenization of regional identities and depersonalization of activities. A flattening of those cultural and social diversities that have always characterized the genius loci and that have constituted a heritage of intangible skills and knowledge but of great richness and value. In this scenario, the discipline of design is inserted as an element of connection and dialogue between the culture of doing and the culture of the project, playing an effective role as regards the stimulation and enhancement of skills and productive and cultural specificity of local systems. The book explores the issue related to the transfer of knowledge and skills between design and craftsmanship focusing in particular on the textile-fashion sector and identifying in this virtuous relationship, a possible factor of innovation for the production of new goods with high added value and an element of enhancement and preservation of material culture related to local tradition. The intent is to demonstrate that there are prestigious craftsmanship realities that contribute to characterize the identity of the Italian territory because they are evidence of ancient skills that have been handed down over time, from generation to generation, and that today can become a potential factor for innovation.