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Design e Grammatiche Allestitive

Design e Grammatiche Allestitive

La dimensione narrativa nel progetto di eventi culturali

by Alessandra Spagnoli

Aracne editrice, 2020

ISBN 978-88- 255-3521-1


The size, pervasiveness and speed of change of the contemporary scenario today affects the system of cultural offerings characterized by the normalization of everyday heterogeneous and multiple events. From the point of view of the discipline of design, the current model of cultural fruition is an interesting field of analysis and design application not only for the ways in which it makes usable content, stories and interpretations, but also for its ability to produce culture, to disseminate it to new communities and to bind and fit into a space-time dimension redesigning meanings, visions and ways of use. In this context, the narrative device takes on value as a metaprojectual tool able to use principles, rules and dynamics typical of narrative construction to compose the very framework of the project of fruition, to define and give shape and value to the sense of the space set up.