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Worth Partnership Project II

Inspiring innovation through creative connections around Europe


Following the success of WORTH (2017-2021), EASME (now EISMEA) launched a new call for tenders, the WORTH Partnership Project II. WORTH Partnership Project is funded by the European Commission under COSME, the EU Programme for the competitiveness of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. WORTH is the sole European project where designers, SMEs, manufacturers, and tech providers work together to develop innovative, design-oriented business ideas. The project focuses on lifestyle industries, including fashion and textile, footwear, leather and fur, furniture/home decoration/interior design, jewellery and accessories. The project provides companies with an incubation programme to develop new businesses, including:

  • 10.000 to 20.000 € in financial support;
  • coaching on business strategy and technology development;
  • legal advice on intellectual property rights and protection;
  • participation in exhibitions;
  • networking and professional links.
The idea of WORTH II is to strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs in the fashion industries and lifestyle sector, increase their innovation capacities and help them in the transition towards climate neutrality and digital leadership. By the end of WORTH II a minimum of 200 trans-national partnerships will have received tailor-made support and coaching in defining and creating new, innovative products, services and business models. 
200 transnational partnerships will be selected in three calls for proposals, involving partners from EU-27, UK and COSME countries.      

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