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IDEA Tempus

A research project supported by a grant of the EU Tempus Programme.


Global competition leads to a considerable shift in the distribution of the world’s economic power, and the need for innovation as a vital driver for sustainable growth is now evident. In recent years, companies realized that the interconnection between the pioneering creativity of designers and engineers complemented by innovative business models has the capacity to set their next competitive advantage. Thus, it is imperative that the strong research-led culture of the academic environment be attentive to the needs of industry and markets, and promotes new knowledge synergies; here, the IDEA project (Inter-Disciplinary Education Agenda, an essential driver for innovation) finds its roots.

In the context of the
IDEA project, FiP Research Collective studies the new knowledge integration in the interdisciplinary area of Engineering, Design and Business at higher education institutes from an industrial perspective - improving innovation as well as academy-industry relations, conducting Pilot Workshops between Israeli Heis and companies.

FiP Research Collective is leading the “WP3 Pedagogical Development & Integration” under the Scientific Supervisor Prof. Paola Bertola, Politecnico di Milano.
The IDEA project research involves 12 partners of higher education institutions, businesses, ministries and other organizations working in higher education, in both Israeli and EU countries, namely: SHENKAR (Shenkar College of Engineering & Design) Israel, HIT (Holon Institute of Technology) Israel, TAU (Tel Aviv University) Israel, SAP (Sapir Academic College) Israel, NBSD (The NB School of Design) Israel, MAI (Manufacturers Association of Israel) Israel, UoB (University of Brighton) UK, POLIMI (Politecnico Di Milano) Italy, UPV (Universitat Politecnica de Valencia) Spain, MDH (Mälardalen University) Sweden, FH Koln (Cologne University of Applied Sciences) Germany, MCI (Material ConneXion) Italy.
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