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Technologies and processes for dissemination and augmented fruition of the technical heritage in the fashion-textile sector.


HeriTech4Fashion is a 24 month project developed in partnership with Gianfranco Ferrè Research Center and intends to enhance both the historical archive and the Research Center’s database, involving a serie of research activities and projects to make accessible and to promote the legacy of techniques and knowledge through augmented multi channel fruition path.
The historical archive keeps 3500 artefacts between clothes and accessories and other kind of documents – runway pictures and videos, original Gianfranco Ferré drawings,  press releases, magazines, lessons and designer notes’. The archive is available through a bank image localized at the Research Center’s site and partially online, which tells the evolution of the creative process and the production techniques that stand below the fashion product.
HeriTech4Fashion aims to integrate this huge material culture heritage and documentary with the scientific culture and the research and elaboration skills of the Politecnico di Milano. It focuses its attention on the fashion heritage field, proposing actions of dissemination, augmented fruition and “spectacle” of a technical heritage settled in the fashion-textile field. Moreover, it aims to enhance the artifacts’ heritage, processes and technical knowledge in the fashion field, exploiting the new technologies’ potential in an actualizing perspective of formats codes and languages.

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