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An innovative trend report by Wemanage and FiP.


dataFORMAT is a project by Wemanage, part of the Space And Agency group that deals with business development and consultancy for startups and SMEs in the fashion, lifestyle and design world.

In collaboration with Fashion in Process Research Lab, Politecnico di Milano, Wemanage crafted an innovative trend-report. This publication effectively translates data pertaining to fashion, market dynamics, sustainability, luxury, and the transformative impact of the digital realm. Unlike conventional infographics, our trend-report boasts an aesthetic that leans more towards artistry, setting it apart from prior releases. Given the firm's focus on data as a core resource, Wemanage recognized the need for a project that conveys data and figures in a compassionate and unconventional manner. With the invaluable support of FiP, they maintained a continuous data validation process, sharing insights with our creative collaborators throughout.

The project is a curated collection that features young Italian artists who translate these multifaceted topics into thoughtful reflections on our complicated times. Through this creative endeavor, we aim for the whole to be greater than the sum of its parts.

The book was printed in 50 numbered copies at PressPress Milano, using biodegradable Riso Printer ink. Its small format symbolizes both mimetism and the challenge of piercing appearances. To make the book more accessible, we have also released it in a digital edition.

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FiP-Fashion in Process
Art Direction
PressPress, Milano
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