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Sensing Fashion Brands through Social Networks


Buzzword aims at monitoring and analyze fashion brands Social Media presence and activity through an ad-hoc ICT tool in order to increase fashion companies’ capability of refined business intelligence upon behavior and opinions of their customers on social networks. Social network monitoring and data collection, data analysis and extraction of trends and insights, user interaction and data visualization allow not only to measure brands reputation on the market and brand awareness among customers, but especially to increase the possibility to identify, predict, and respond to consumer sentiments and behaviors with respect to fashion products.

The tool applies analytics over two main social networking platforms, namely Twitter and Instagram. Despite being different in kind and dynamics, these two platforms provide most of the insight for the fashion market. In particular, starting from a set of brands mapped within a 10 years study on the evolution of the Italian Fashion sector, with a specific focus of contemporary fashion companies, also exhibited at “The New Vocabulary of Italian Fashion”, the tool applies quantitative and qualitative analysis referring to the typical retailing activities and calendar of the ready-to-wear system, with a particular focus on Fashion Weeks. 

Buzzword is currently collecting data and fine tuning the tool while analyzing data set that enable the team to further developing a photography of the sector and describing contemporary fashion brands’ business more in depth, so fruitfully moving on with a continuing research. Upcoming developments include the research expansion to international Fashion Weeks and the design of a marketable business intelligence tool for B2B association and/or companies. 

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Data Science Group: Stefano Ceri, professor of Data Management at Politecnico di Milano and Marco Brambilla, professor of Web Technologies at Politecnico di Milano, and Fluxedo Srl, start-up working on big-data, real-time management of operations and big-data and IoT (Internet of Things).
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