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Fashion In Process

Racconti per filo e per segno

Stories through thread and signs


The thesis explores the concept of handing down a legacy of knowledge pertaining to of material culture that is transferred from generation to generation through writings and objects. The project starts with the consideration that the surfaces of things absorb the flow of time and preserves the memories and events to become a strong vector of communication.

The project personifies this concept through a collection of book-clothes where the pages are made of fabric, and where the heritage is sewn into and embroidered on the surface. A book to read that becomes a dress. Embroidery is the writing, drawings, tales, and the performance which translates memories into tactile images. The thread is the ink that transcribes indecipherable texts onto blank cotton in a rhythmic crossroads of white threads. The text flows over time, modifying the places of the mind and using the fabric to dress the body and communicate meaning.



* * *