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Fashion In Process

Metamorphosis Collection

Study for the connection of natural printing with industrial process and contemporary appearence .


Metamorphosis Collection introduces an innovative concept in the printed fabric’s world.

It is characterized by the value of authenticity, which came not only from a simply reproduction, but is a process that explains reality. So that, it takes distance from current proposals of the catwalks, which mostly represent excellence in process and appearance, but on the other side they are often lacking of value.

Other connotations are the awareness to a more natural approach and the redesign of traditional printing method in order to place it in a contemporary context.


The Metamorphosis process is composed by three steps, identify through the observation and the inspiration of the surrounding world. The first step is “Nature”, in which it values the feature of the natural printing that it’s always considered as a blemish: on one side it’s reprogrammed randomness, and on the other it’s redefined variability as an added value. In the second step, defined “Pollution and disease”, the industrial process is combined to natural printing by adding new appearance and performance, like in the reality many facts change nature. In the third step, called “Re-generation” the natural printing is completely reinterpreted by means of a modality which can celebrates it and reintroduces it in contemporary.

 The textile collection is structured through this path in which material and cultural hybridization can cause value and innovation.



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