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Fashion In Process

La catena significante

The signifying chain. Possible trajectories for textile and fashion​


Today we hear much talk about Made in Italy, as a formula for resolving many issues. The impression, however, is that this term has gradually emptied its value. What does it mean to speak of "made in Italy"? It means repossess the creative process, understanding that the production of an object is the representation of the culture that produced it. Today  the risk is that the Made in Italy represents only a stereotype aesthetic, and not the way to  give new life to a whole series of elements that tell our culture of well-doing. This is not about looking at  them with a nostalgic eye, but to disrupt these elements, with new processes and materials, in a continuous osmosis between different cultures and knowledge, which are the structural part of the creative biodiversity of Italian design.

The project La catena significante. Possibili traiettorie del tessile moda [The signifying chain. Possible trajectories of the textile / fashion​] try to put all these elements of research into a textile collection where the main purpose is  to put together opposite or unexpected  things to create something new, like precious cashmere with optics fiber.


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