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Fashion In Process

Il Decoro del Vuoto

Beauty of Emptiness 


The thesis is an exploratory research on the concept of emptiness and its possible interpretations on textile through the lace techniques. Interlace is behind the project. Wefts of various kinds come together and create a rhythm, a textured tale through which old and new coexist and contaminate each other. Threads of cotton and wool are woven with nylon and jersey with the techniques of bobbin lace, macramé or the crochet.

Thus, creating a collection of simple shapes whereby processing becomes the predominant aspect that distinguishes a piece from another. Each item varies in density and transparency. Clothes are not made to be suitable to the body but fit the body itself, growing up and emptying when worn. The emptiness becomes important as opposed to being full, creating a duality, an absence / presence of alternating life to the narrative.



* * *