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Fashion In Process


FASHIONabilities. Planning and Managing Design Processes in Fashion

Bertola P., Colombi C., Vacca F.

Mandragora, Firenze 2018 ISBN 978-88-7461-387-8

link | Research Gate

Interdisciplinary Research And Education Agenda: a Design Driven Perspective

Vacca F., Warshavski T., (eds.) 

Mandragora editore, Firenze, 2016 

ISBN: 978-88-7461-304-5 (English); ISBN: 978-88-7461-305-2 (Jewish)

with essays by Bertola P. and Colombi C.

Il Nuovo Vocabolario della Moda Italiana

[The new vocabulary of Italian Fashion] – Italian only

Bertola P., Linfante V.,

Mandragora, Firenze 2016 

ISBN 978-88-7461-285-7 

link | Research Gate



Design Research and Sense-Making in Culture Intensive Industries: Driving Innovation Through a Design Reading of Cultural Evolutions

Bertola, P.; Vacca, F., Colombi, C.; Iannilli, V.; Augello, M.

in The Design Journal, Vol. 19, Issue 02, Taylor & Francis, 2016, pp. 155.

ISSN 1460-6925 (Print), 1756-3062 (Online) (forthcoming)

The Present Future in Fashion Design: the Archive as a Tool for Anticipation

Colombi C., Vacca F.,  

in Celaschi F., Formia E., Tolic I. (Guest Editors),

Zone Moda Journal -  Issue 6 “Futuri Possibili”, Pendragon, Bologna (Italy), 2016. pp. 38-47.

ISBN: 978-88-6598-605-9 

From the Heritage of Made in Italy to the New Digital Fashion Companies

Bertola P., Colombi C.

in The International Journal Of Design Management And Professional Practice, Common Ground Publisher, Urbana/Illinois (USA), 2016



Il nuovo vocabolario in numeri

[The new vocabulary in numbers] – Italian only

Colombi C., Vacca F.

in Bertola P., Linfante V., (eds.) Il nuovo vocabolario della moda italiana.

Mandragora, Firenze 2016, pp. 194-199

ISBN 978-88-7461-285-7 

Managing the creative process

Bertola, P., Colombi, C., Vacca, F.,

in Rigaud – Lacresse, E., Pini, F. M., (eds.) New Luxury: Creating and Managing sustainable value,

Palgrave Macmillan Publisher Ltd., 2017, pp. 159-187.

ISBN 978-3-319-41726-4

Charting Interdisciplinary Innovation Programs: Map of Experiences

Bertola P., Harfoush N., Vacca F.

in Banerjee B., Ceri S. (eds.), Creating Innovation Leaders. A Global Perspective, 

Springer International Publishing, 2016, pp.105-124

ISBN 978-3-319-20519-9, ISBN 978-3-319-20520-5 (eBook)



Narrative Objectification. Processes and methodology of value creation through story-telling tools

Iannilli, V. M., Penati, A., Vacca, F.

at The Value Of Design Research.11th European Academy of Design Conference - Descartes University - Paris (France), April, 22-24 2015  (forthcoming)

Facing Multidisciplinarity In Fashion Management Education

Bertola P., Colombi C., Vacca F.

at ICERI 2014. 7th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation - Seville (Spain), November 17-19, 2014