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Fashion In Process

SENAI Design Future

Strategic Design and Business Reengineering for SENAI Local Centers in Campina Grande, Paraíba (Leather and Shoes) and Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul (Leather, Shoes and Small Goods).


SENAI Design Futures has been an initiative of international cooperation that aims to promote the innovation of the Brazilian industry in furniture, footwear, leather goods, fashion and textile as main industrial sectors that enhance the Brazilian economy; knowing that for many years the cooperation has undertaken a design oriented process for high added value products.

The main interlocutor is SENAI, an organism taking part in the Brazilian Industrial Association and is in charge of the activity of professional continuing education and consultancies to support the entrepreneurial development in Brazil. The project aims to promote a “value economy”, through a strategic and cross-sectorial design vision, to establish a virtuous relation between knowledge, production and commercial systems.


SENAI Design Futures  is a design culture-learning project which has involved the design team (NAD – Núcleo de Apoio ao Design) of most strategic SENAI Regional Department (DR) in the following endeavors:

• The training and orientation of the design team about design culture and methodology in education and consulting activities;

• Human resources valorization and diffusion of new organizational models;

• The design of a coherent, updated, original and interdisciplinary design services’ menu, fitted to different companies’ sizes and structures, to support the innovation development;

• The design of strategy and tools to offer the new services to the market;

• The development of pilot projects as an internal test to verify the comprehension of the design approach, and to evaluate the capability of the design group to manage the relationship with a client, listening to its original demand, reading its potential opportunities, and stimulating a new demand for design-oriented actions.



* * *

SENAI Design Futures  has been developed under the Scientific Supervisors Prof. Flaviano Celaschi, Prof. Giuliano Simonelli within the consultancy activity of Consortium - Politecnico di Milano for SENAI Brazil.

FiP Research Collective was involved in the consultancy activities in Rio Grande do Sul and Paraíba, for the leather, shoes and accessories sector and Bahia, for the textile and fashion sector.