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Fashion In Process

Made in Brasil

Shoe design collections by young Brasilian designers for shoe companies - members of ASSINTECAL, Brasilian Association of Companies of Components for Leather, Footwear and Leather Goods, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil to strengthen the relationship between the Italian and International Design System


Made in Brasil was meant to diffuse the awareness in design as a strategic competitive factor, enabling enterprises, productive systems, communities, and territories to compete in a global market, through peculiar and customized actions. The project is one of the many educational and design actions developed by POLI.consortium – Politecnico di Milano for ASSINTECAL, Brazilian Association of Companies of Components for Leather, Footwear and Leather Goods, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil.


Made in Brasil developed a specific design strategy for Brazilian producers of shoe components and materials, directly involving a selected number of companies in a process of experimental design demonstrating the values of an original and local fashion approach. The project also involved young local fashion designers, in an effort to support the development of product design consultancies and ensure medium-term strategy to disseminate the fashion culture in the local context. Under the scientific supervision of Politecnico di Milano researchers and experts, Made in Brasil transferred a codified design methodology to designers and companies and promoted a continuing fashion research practice to support product innovation and development for local companies.

The results were promoted in occasion of Fórum de Design by ASSINTECAL, confirming the role of the association as local facilitator for the diffusion of design culture. 



FiP Research Collective designed and coordinated the project as a consultant for Consortium – Politecnico di Milano, under the scientific supervision of Prof. Giuliano Simonelli. The project was developed on site under the creative direction of Laura Fedriga, Alessandro Fumagalli, Raffaella Mangiarotti, Fabrizio Piccolini and the special participation of Armando Pollini.



“Arquitetura Brasileira” design by Guto Marinho for Amazonas + BASF – prototype by Luiza Barcelos with materials of Cipatex

“Volume sintetico design by Jefferson De Assis for Cipatex – prototype by Oficina do Calçado G4 with materials of Salto Itália

“Cor in natura design by Guto Marinho for Faé Fabril - prototype by Luiza Barcelos

Germinar design by Fabiana Bertoldi for Irmãos Perfeito - prototype by Lu Figueredo

“Jardins brasileiros design by Tatiana Souza for In Bits – bag prototype by Cooperativa de Potunduva – show prototype by Lu Figueredo

“Orbyte” designed by Tatiana Souza for Orbys - prototype by Pellegrini with material of Cifa Têxtil and Romeu Couros

“A arte da customização” designed by Guto Marinho for Piter Pan