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Fashion In Process


Fashion Societal, Economic & Environmental Design-led Sustainability


FashionSEEDS project aims to develop a holistic framework for design-led fashion education for sustainability applied across levels, courses and locations in the consortium higher education institutions, incorporating course content, teaching & learning practices & methodologies, tools & resources and learning environments.


FashionSEEDS addresses the need for design-led education in fashion to produce graduates with awareness and skills for professional roles and societal contribution in a changing world. This involves problem-based learning, application of sustainability values, development of knowledge and processes, aesthetic prowess, product and service functionalities with a cross-cultural understanding, to contribute to systems change in fashion. The project, led by the University of the Arts London (UAL) - Centre for Sustainable Fashion- London College of Fashion, is delivered by a partnership of four leading European fashion HEIs pioneering fashion sustainability approaches: Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI) – Design Department – Fashion in Process Research Collective; Eesti Kunstiakadeemia (EKA) - Fashion Design Department, and Design School Kolding Denmark (DSKD) - Research and Development Department. Partners in this project have connected through a recognised imperative and a shared commitment to providing design-led fashion and sustainability education and the potential to scale the initiatives that they are each developing at BA and MA levels. The partnership reaches out and impact is further extended through a network of seven associate partners representing academic, societal and industry stakeholders.



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FashionSEEDS is a three years Strategic Partnership in Higher Education co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the EU 2018-1-UK01-KA203-048232.


FiP Research Collective is leading the Intellectual Output 1 - The benchmarking report under the Scientific Supervisors Prof. Chiara Colombi and Dott. Federica Vacca, Politecnico di Milano. In the context of the Fashion SEEDS research, FiP Research Collective studies, with an advanced vision of design-driven approach, how to promote innovation within interdisciplinary contexts, with a specific focus on helping in building a larger strategic partnership to explain the potential and the models of thought at the basis of Design for sustainability.



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