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Fashion In Process

Fashion Forward

Mapping and modeling culture intensive NewCos


Considering Fashion as one of the leading sectors of the Italian economy and as one of the most representative “cultural discussions” about Italian identity, the definition of the “Made in Italy” design process is more important than ever. Commonly, “Made in Italy” refers, on one hand, to a cultural way of life and, on the other, the possibility to limit the geographical area in which a product has been created and the craft and/or industrial skills activated to produce it.

However, recent studies and applied research demonstrate that, in a competitive global scenario, “Made in Italy” refers to “innovative profiles” defined by different organizational and design models that are tacitly acted by small and medium enterprises and that nowadays represent the bulwark of Italian creativity.


FiP Research Collective has been studying, mapping and modeling the new cultural and design dimensions of made in Italy, especially focusing on NewCos that have redefined the identity of the Italian fashion sector through innovative branding, creative, productive and retail strategies. The ongoing research spans both desk and field activities, such as interviews, and have spun different research outcomes, such as publications and exhibitions, as well as sub-tracks, such as focus on digital tools for business development and smart technologies for product innovation. The outcomes are delivered both with a qualitative and quantitative dimension, caring for a comprehensive interpretation of the observed phenomena. 



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Fashion Forward is an ongoing reasearch developed by FiP Research Collective at Politecnico di Milano.


Data analysis and visualization by Monica Cortellino.



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