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Fashion In Process


Fashion and creative industries have always focused their attention on the creative contents of their final outcomes. Nevertheless, the increasing complexity of markets and social environments has pushed them to re-engineer their processes, often passively reacting to turbulent contexts, and impoverishing their cultural potential. 

This research area focuses on codifying design and creative processes and identifying new design management strategies and tools. It aims at supporting new organizational models' implementation that are able to sustain competitiveness while feeding continuous innovation and preserving high cultural contents and authenticity.


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Major research questions and investigation areas are:

How can design processes be better organized to fulfill strict timing while

concurrently investigating the continuous innovation and products cultural renewal?

How can design and product development processes be better linked to other key functions, such as retail and communication, to quickly integrate customer feedback? How can advanced and creative research be ideally linked with daily product development processes? Which product management practices can reach the best balance between carryovers and research-oriented products? Which brands portfolio strategies can be implemented, without overlapping offers, to reach new customers and market niches?

How can creative industries implement efficient product development strategies while embracing new socially responsible practices? What are some of the successful design management models informing digital native fashion and creative industries? How should product design processes be re-engineered to take full advantage of 2.0 technologies’ potential?


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