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Fashion In Process


Organizations have implemented the relational and experiential contents underlying the economic exchange, enhancing their tangible and intangible offer to consumers. The narrative structure of communication processes is the centerpiece of a cognitive, cultural and aesthetic design praxis as well as activation system for new appropriations and re-contextualization of identity by the end user.


This research area focuses on studying and enhancing the narrative processes embedded in cognitive and cultural systems on knowledge transfer procedures and methodologies to support communication, visuals and retail designs. It aims at building narrative scenarios where products are presented only if immersed in a highly cultural and social discourse, therefore broader than the aesthetic-formal one.


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Major research questions and investigation areas are:

How does design mediate brand strategy with product, retail and communication strategies through narrative processes? How are cultural and identity-making contents developed and embedded into organization’s narrations? Which role can narrative tools have in the construction of brand authenticity? How can institutional retail assets –such as point of sales, showrooms, factories, etc.– be transformed into cultural places and contexts? How is it possible to coordinate narrative contents on different communication and retail channels?  What role does retail play in narrating brand identity and in building brand authenticity? How have narrative processes been changed due to the diffusion of new and social media?  


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