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Fashion In Process


The economical and social crisis that has occurred over the last decades has deeply challenged all paradigms of modernity. The search for authenticity and the recovery of cultural roots is becoming an essential value in  contemporary societies, whereby diversity is the new post-modern expression of globalization.


This research area focuses on studying and framing new design strategies that are able to fully exploit the cultural capital of companies and institutions. It aims at transforming tangible and intangible historical reservoirs into new design sources, hence enabling their recovery into artifacts and services perceived by users as authentic, meaningful and consistent.


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Major research questions and investigation areas are:

How does design reinterpret heritage knowledge into meaningful contemporary artifacts and services? How can tangible and intangible historical reservoirs be translated into accessible know-how?

How can new technologies enable access to cultural reservoirs within companies and institutions?

Which are the best practices in design that can enable the valorization of traditional know-how and craft knowledge? Which are new productions paradigms that can be implemented to revamp traditional artisanal practices? Which are design strategies that can connect local communities and their cultural capital with global networks? 

How can craft heritage be integrated into high-tech making culture? 

How can design implement valorization of cultural capital to promote socially responsible practices?


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