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Fashion In Process


As the currently networked 24/7 global society becomes more complex, the need to understand cultural contexts through modeling increases. Moreover, creative industries have moved from the positivist ideal of technology-driven innovation to defining innovation as a significant process of the contemporary culture, referring to it as an embodiment process of new meanings into tangible and intangible artifacts. 


Hence, this research area focuses on studying and codifying relevant cultural contents to define evolutionary trajectories of the specific cultural contexts, where those elements are generated and developed. It aims at creating design directions to inspire and promote new meaningful perspectives that can orient and enrich the experiences of consumers.


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Major research questions and investigation areas are:

How does design scan cultural contexts and detect significant values and contents to read cultures? 

What is a cultural content about and which are preferred survey spots? How do creative industries embed cultural contents into tangible and intangible artifacts? How can design scenarios be visualized and delivered to different actors of the supply chain?  What is the role of design scenarios as a tool used and/or as an outcome produced by different functions within companies? 

How do design scenarios reshape the contexts they represent through the application of interpretative filters aimed at highlighting new emerging meanings? How can design scenarios positively influence and modify the society’s understanding and embracement of new cultural meanings? 

How can design scenarios detect opportunities for new emerging consumption behaviors oriented toward culture intensive experiences? 


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