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Fashion In Process


Changes in contemporary societies highlight the increasing need for authenticity. 

Authenticity is intended as the transparent connection among artifacts (material and immaterial), the processes underneath their development, and the socio-cultural context that enabled their creation. 

Within this scenario, the relationship between producers and users is shifting from a passive “consumerism” to an active “cultural exchange”. Given this premise, Italian Design Culture, and its unique cultural reservoirs, represent an exceptional asset for feeding innovation.



Starting from the heritage of Made in Italy, Fashion in Process focuses on culture intensive industries, intended as products, services, and systems with high cultural content, defined by three attributes. They are usually mature and historicized, recognized by individuals as bearers of layered narratives. They are institutionalized in everyday life, with a sense of familiarity and partake in shaping people’s lifestyles. They are tools of mediation between an individual and their social environment, becoming "identity prostheses".



Fashion in Process is a multidisciplinary research collective at Design Department – Politecnico di Milano. Its goal is to develop knowledge and projects to support the positive and sustainable evolution of fashion and creative industries. Therefore, it aims at enhancing fashion and creative industries’ innovation potential, through design research, transforming cultural reservoirs into real cultural capital.


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Fashion in Process creates research reports, innovation scenarios, new product-service concepts, and
applied tools within four areas of expertise: Heritage, Directions, Processes, Narratives.